The clubhouse looks amazing.

Good Morning Frank, This is Jake Cauzza. The clubhouse looks amazing. I wanted to let you know you did a fantastic job. No need to call me back, I just wanted to thank you, you did a fantastic job.

I just wanted to thank you again

Frank, I just wanted to thank you again for the hard work you and your crew did to bring us up to the standards that we have long tried to project. I must be honest, when we started to solicit vendors for the job, I was not confident that we would realize the results that we desired. From our first meeting you differentiated yourself from all others with your enthusiasm and interest in the challenge of satisfying us as your customer. Your willingness to explore options outside the box quickly became actions that did indeed provide results which exceeded our expectations. I never felt as though I needed to be on site, and had great confidence in your staff and their work in completing the project in a dilligent and timely manner. With your daily pictures and progress reports I felt that I was there. As we have need for pressure washing, cleaning, janitorial or floor maintenance service, rest assured that Kern Commercial Cleaning will be our first and only call. Regards, Brett Brett D. White J.D. White & Sons, Inc. P.O. Box 80296 Bakersfield, CA 93380
Brett White

I have enjoyed his professional attitude

Frank Munoz of Kern Commercial Cleaning has been implementing and using our Microfiber product line since we met at the I.S.S.A. show in 2008. I have known Frank to provide the most innovative and comprehensive cleaning tools, methods and training for his staff in order to offer the highest level of cleaning for his customers. I have enjoyed his professional attitude, holding the highest integrity for his business and customers. With Frank's strong emphasis on relationships l know he really cares about excellent service. Scott D. Masters Sales Manager Leading Edge Products, Inc. San Diego, CA 92111
Scott Masters

Sincere thanks

Thanks for helping me out and getting me out of a bind. I know I only gave you short notice. I really appreciate that you went out of your way to coordinate service in order to get the work done. Not only am I impressed with your SERVICE, the cleaning was outstanding. It turned out much better than I ever thought it could.

my facility is very well maintained each and every morning

The office cleaning service we have had in Bakersfield, CA to date has been wonderful. Although I don't see your people, I do see that my facility is very well maintained each and every morning. My desk is always clean and I can tell that they have moved items from desk but make every effort to place every thing back in the fashion in which they found it. This seems very small, but I dont have to search for my things each and every day. It's these 'little details" that make such a big difference! Excellent Service! Bill Harmon EATON Sales Manager Los Angeles and the Central Coast of California
Bill Harmon