my facility is very well maintained each and every morning

The office cleaning service we have had in Bakersfield, CA to date has been wonderful. Although I don't see your people, I do see that my facility is very well maintained each and every morning. My desk is always clean and I can tell that they have moved items from desk but make every effort to place every thing back in the fashion in which they found it. This seems very small, but I dont have to search for my things each and every day. It's these 'little details" that make such a big difference! Excellent Service! Bill Harmon EATON Sales Manager Los Angeles and the Central Coast of California
Bill Harmon

Kern Commercial Cleaning

Kern Commercial has always been a great company, and a lot of it has to do with Frank's attention to detail. I have been friends with Frank for over 20 years and I know the success of this business has so much to do with him. I would not hesitate 1 second to hire Kern for my janitorial needs.
Michael Borkland

A perfect 10

Frank has been a friend and mentor to me for over 20 years because of the friendship we share and the quality of his integraty. If you need a service he will provide the best.
Michael Borkland

I have enjoyed his professional attitude

Frank Munoz of Kern Commercial Cleaning has been implementing and using our Microfiber product line since we met at the I.S.S.A. show in 2008. I have known Frank to provide the most innovative and comprehensive cleaning tools, methods and training for his staff in order to offer the highest level of cleaning for his customers. I have enjoyed his professional attitude, holding the highest integrity for his business and customers. With Frank's strong emphasis on relationships l know he really cares about excellent service. Scott D. Masters Sales Manager Leading Edge Products, Inc. San Diego, CA 92111
Scott Masters

Their stability as a business is admirable!

Reference for Kern Commercial Cleaning: Their stability as a business is admirable! Their account has always been maintained in good standing. Frank's demeanor and manner of doing business sets an example for the business community. He has always been cheerful and pleasant to deal with, even when their have have been issues to resolve. Wells Fargo Bank 22nd & L Streets Bakersfield, CA
First Wells Fargo Bank