Google 08.03.16

The whole crew at Farmers Ritchie agency in Enid, whether it's Drew, Brandi, Angie or anyone else in the office, are knowledgeable of your insurance needs and best of all, treat you like family. There is just something about that personal touch.
Dennis [email protected] 2016-07-26

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A big thank you goes out to Drew Ritchie's Farmers' team as I received the best assistance with business insurance. I would recommend talking to Drew if you're in need of insurance!
Johnny  2016-12-09

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I have enjoy working with Drew Ritchie and his team! They went above and beyond for my my family when we were trying to switch agencies. I was able to get help with a quotes for vehicles we are looking at for our future. I would recommend them to anyone!
dbl 2016-01-27

Google 06.17.16

Drew Ritchie and his team have always been quick to respond and a pleasure to work with. Their Good, Better, Best program has helped out many clients of mine (I am a loan officer with Gateway Mortgage) on the homeowners side of things, and now he has helped me with my 7 month old son's life insurance policy! Always a pleasure to work with.
[email protected] 2016-06-10

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I visited Drew's insurance agency. I was very pleased with the response and friendliness I received from the office staff.
Alison a[email protected] 2016-06-11